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COVER_Madi_a_Thava This active mountain farm in the scenic Soutpansberg area near Louis Trichardt (Limpopo), is an unique accommodation. Experience farm life and the unsurpassed hospitality of the locals who will gladly tell you about Shangaan and Venda culture. Madi a Thavha (Water from the Mountains) is registered with Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa, so your stay will benefit the local community.

Madi a Thavha mountain farm is offering services and products in the fields of tourism, farming, arts and crafts and community projects, in such a way that they contribute to the improvement of daily life of the people who work and stay on the farm and in the local communities.

Experience the vibrant environment of Madi a Thavha mountain farm. You can share the colourful Venda and Shangaan culture with people on the farm or in the surrounding villages by joining on of the tour programmes.  The lodge is situated on a lively farm where you experience  farm life, by visiting the cucumber growing tunnels and the farming land with various crops. Relax at the swimming pool after a walk in the mountains and enjoy the farm dinner on the veranda of the farm house. The warm hospitality and supportive attitude of staff contributes to a colourful and unforgettable experience.

We would like to share the rich Venda and Shangaan culture with anyone who enjoys the natural and cultural environment of the Soutpansberg

When you like to stay for a day or more on the farm you are part of farm life. Visit Madi a Thavha design, a job creating business that makes home decoration products and gifts, mainly from the traditional Venda fabrics. You can have a look in the hydroponics tunnels with English cucumbers or you can walk up in the mountain, standing on the riff you have a beautiful view on the valley and the villages and bush land along the Soutpansberg.

Madi a Thavha offers different tour programmes to rural villages and places of interest. Organized daytrips / field visits are on average R 300 per person per day.

Elim Arts and Craft tour: visiting crafters in rural villages (self drive, or included tour guide, local meal or pick nick and transport ).

Venda Community tour: visiting a community project and crèche or school (included transport, tour guide, local meal or pick nick).

Northern Soutpansberg tour: exploring nature and village life, visiting crafters, tea plantains and Lake Fundudzi (included transport, tour guide, local meal or pick-nick). This tour can also be made by 4 x 4.

Baobab tour, Folovhodwe en Nwanedi Nature Reserve: baobab route and visiting the old mining village Folovhodwe and Nwanedi Nature reserve (included transport, tour guide, local meal or pick-nick).

Mountain bike tour: visiting villages along the Southern Soutpansberg mountains (included mountain bike, tour guide and local meal or pick-nick).

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Normally I like to travel independently but with the amount of travel involved this way you get to see a lot, without the hassle of organizing it yourself. I can recommend the trip to anybody and already told some friends. In Holland we have various tour operators offer this trip as well. However...

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