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COVER_Mozambique_Dolphins_Ponta Sleep in a rustic Mozambican hideaway and go for daily swims with dolphins. Sounds interesting? This educational 3 day tour might be just the thing for you! You can feel like Robinson Crusoe or that boy from the Flipper movies (although touching of dolphins is a strict no-no). Learn about these marine mammals and submerge into their world under the expert supervision of local conservationists.


Structured wild dolphin swim program

This program has daily field trips to encounter wilde dolphins. This includes:
-Three nights lodging in Ponta do Ouro at either O Lar or Planet;
-Brunches after field trips and two dinners (O Lar Only)
-Pre-training snorkeling, safety, ecology & conservation intro;
-Free image downloads and dolphin tribe t-shirt;
-transfers to and from the launch site;
-The dolphincareafrica code of conduct & club membership card;

Longer stays can be arranged on request.

Mission statement of DolphinCareAfrica:
-To ensure their slogan "for the love of dolphins" is incorporated in everything they do;
-To create a sustainable world for marine mammals through research, education and conservation;
-To operate in integrity and strive towards creating a stress free environment in which inter-species relationships can be explored;

Long weekends are NOT conducive to good encounters due to the increased tourism pressure on the dolphins. Long weekend packages include two dolphin "surfaris" but there is NO in-water swim guarantee. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions on how we can make your dolphin encounter a reality.

Contact us for latest dates and rates!



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